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75th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference

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70th Anniversary Of Wannsee Conference Nears

Published: 24 January 2017

Last updated: 4 March 2024

75 years later, the House of the Wannsee Conference Memorial reshapes Holocaust history – Polina Garaev – i24NEWS 20.01.17
Many misconceptions about the Holocaust have been shaped by Hollywood movies. ’It was quite commonly believed that this house was where the decision for the mass murder of the Jews was taken, which wasn't the case.’ Though the Wannsee Conference played a part in formalising the Nazi genocide process, it was not the beginning.

And see:

New online generation takes up Holocaust denial – Jamie Doward – The Observer 22.01.17
As ‘Denial’, a film about disgraced historian and notorious Holocaust denier David Irving, hits cinemas, it appears that Holocaust denial has found momentum with a new generation in the digital age.

The trial that debunked Holocaust revisionism
September 17, 2016

New system to identify antisemitism on the web
– Itamar Eichner – Ynetnews 22.01.17
In a report delivered to the Israeli government on antisemitism around the world, the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs highlighted spikes in antisemitic activity on the internet and in Europe, particularly Germany.


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