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Since October 7, The Jewish Independent has been taking action against rising antisemitism in Australia. Here’s how:

1. Call for the appointment of an antisemitism coordinator

  • Read our editorial from 5 December 2023, which called for Australia to join other Western countries in creating an official position tasked with combatting antisemitism.
  • Download our policy paper, which provides critical analysis and context, and also addresses the need for a similar coordinator for Islamophobia.

2. Online panel with esteemed antisemitism experts

In commemoration of Yom Hashoah on May 6, TJI hosted an online panel with the one of the world’s highest ranking officials for combatting antisemitism, European Commission Coordinator on combating antisemitism and fostering Jewish life, Katharina von Schnurbein, alongside CEO of the Online Hate Prevention Institute, Dr Andre Oboler, and AUJS President, Noah Loven.

Moderated by TJI’s editor Deborah Stone, the panel responded to the surge in global antisemitism and post-October 7 environment. Watch the special panel discussion here:

3. Study of online antisemitism in Australia since October 7

Antisemitism on social media increased five-fold following the October 7 Hamas terror attack, according to a study conducted by the Online Hate Prevention Institute and Online Hate Taskforce and released exclusively by TJI.

The study gathered examples of antisemitism between 21 October 2023, two weeks after the Hamas massacre, and 8 February 2024, comparing them with antisemitism on the same platforms in the 11 months before October 7. Researchers found an average of 145 antisemitic items a day, compared with just 27 in the earlier period.

Antisemitism had increased on all 10 platforms examined but was significantly more visible on some social media sites compared with others. Read the full report here.

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