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American Jews concerned about anti-NGO law, but …

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Published: 19 January 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

American Jews' concern for Israeli democracy ends at '67 borders – Peter Beinart – Haaretz 14.01.16
Anti-NGO law sparks protest because it infringes on a democracy that exists. In the West Bank, there is no democracy.
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And see:
Liberal Jews didn't betray Israel, our organizations betrayed us – J.J. Goldberg – Forward 17.01.16
1966 was the turning point, when major Jewish organizations turned their attention and formidable clout away from civil rights and toward foreign policy. Their allies were no longer minority communities, but instead the national security community. Their primary concerns were the interests of Israel

Anti-democratic? Moi? Why Israel ignores America's NGO bill warning – Asher Schechter – Haaretz 13.01.16
Israelis and American officials are going through the motions: Israel transgresses, the U.S. expresses concern. And on and on and on we go.

Netanyahu: I support the 'transparency bill' but drop the ID tag provision
– Barak Ravid – Haaretz 17.01.16
Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting, the prime minister expressed hope that EU foreign ministers 'will not continue with the double standard against Israel.'

Diaspora silence as Israel’s democracy withers
– January 5, 2016


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