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As Bibi visits Africa, Ethiopian Israelis protest in Tel Aviv

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Published: 5 July 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Hundreds of Ethiopian Israelis protest police brutality in Tel Aviv - Yaniv Kubovich - Haaretz 03.07.16
Hundreds of Israelis of Ethiopian descent staged a protest against police brutality in central Tel Aviv. Some signs mentioned Yosef Salamsa, a youth who committed suicide several months after being reportedly abused by police officers.
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And see:

An insult to the Ethiopian Israeli community - Nate Shapiro, William Recant, Susan Pollack, Gerald Frim - The Jerusalem Post 29.06.16
There are ongoing issues surrounding the status of Ethiopian Israeli religious leaders, such as the question of affording the Kessim (traditional religious leaders) more recognition and government support.

Israel Is a racist country. Take it from me, an Ethiopian Israeli
- Revital Iyov - Haaretz 30.06.16
Formal equal rights aren't enough. Equality must be seen on the ground, but on social media we still get 'Go back to Ethiopia.'


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