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As we approach Tisha b’Av

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Published: 9 August 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

As we approach Tisha b’Av, the Jewish future again hangs in the balance – J.J. Goldberg – The Forward 25.07.16

It’s sobering to recall that the fate of the Jewish people in the modern world is tied as never before to a single anchor, the success of the American experiment. One of the world’s two great Jewish communities lives and thrives as a minority here thanks to America’s open, tolerant society. The other survives, embattled, dependent on the strength and stability of America’s position on the world stage.

And see:

Why I’m not fasting on Tisha b’Av - Rabbi Elyse Goldstein – The Times of Israel 04.08.16

Why I’m fasting – Rabbi Yoself Bloch – The Times of Israel 07.08.16

Ultra-Orthodox protestors heckle praying Women of the Wall’ members
– Thea Glassman – The Forward 05.08.16

Approximately ten ultra-Orthodox female protestors gathered around the women, blowing whistles and yelling ‘Burn alive!’ and ‘Whores!’ while police officers stood on the sidelines.  Includes video [0:26]

Tensions mount on Temple Mount as Jewish fast of Tisha b'Av nears
– Nir Hasson – Haaretz 08.08.16

Recent clashes after arrests of employees of the Islamic trust that controls the site, and visits there by Israelis, could escalate in advance of solemn fast day.


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