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Can you be Jewish and liberal?

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Published: 16 July 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Can you be Jewish and liberal? The evidence says: not so easy - Shmuel Rosner - Jewish Journal 12.07.16
As hard as it is to spell it out with such bluntness, as a general rule, liberal American Jews seem to be less Jewish. It is our job to understand why – it is our duty to understand if this phenomenon can be altered.
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And see:

While Israel's ultra-Orthodox push Diaspora Jews away, Israeli Arabs bring them back - Joel Braunold - Haaretz 14.07.16
The Jews abroad who are being alienated by the Israeli government are the same Jews who seek equality for all of Israel's citizens in matters of public funding, legal treatment and place in society.

Orthodoxy and right-wing extremism go hand-in-hand in Israel: Pew study explains why
– Naomi Zeveloff – The Forward 31.05.16
Why are Israeli Orthodox Jews more attracted to politically extremist views than their non-Orthodox fellow citizens? The question is not a provocation. It grows out of a new analysis of data from the Pew Research Center’s study in March 2016 showing that nearly half of all Israeli Jews want Arabs expelled from their midst.


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