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Erdoğan’s own coup continues

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Published: 19 July 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Turkey was already undergoing a slow-motion coup - by Erdoğan, not the army – Andrew Finkel – The Guardian 17.07.16
Many would argue that Turkey was already in the throes of a slow motion coup d’état, not by the military but by Erdoğan himself. For the last three years, he has been moving, and methodically, to take over the nodes of power.
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And see:

Despite detente, Erdogan may find Israel too good a scapegoat to resist - – Raphael Ahren – The Times of Israel 19.07.16
Turkish leader can be expected to cite main suspect Fethullah Gülen’s past links to Israeli dignitaries, Bar-Ilan scholar Efrat Aviv says.

After Turkey's attempted coup, the witch hunt - Simon A. Waldman
– Haaretz 17.07.16
With three years to go before any further elections and legitimized by the failed coup, Erdogan and the AKP now have free rein to purge their critics and cement an authoritarian regime.

6,000 held in post-coup purge as Erdogan mulls reviving death penalty
- Raziye Akkoc & Fulya Ozerkan – The Times of Israel 17.07.16
Crackdown involves thousands, including warrants for 2,745 judges and prosecutors. Erdoğan accuses Fetullah Gülen. Turkish minister says USA behind the coup.


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