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Hamas-Israel ceasefire aims to bring calm to Israel, rebuild Gaza

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Published: 20 August 2018

Last updated: 4 March 2024

If the six-phase agreement works, the parties will commit to rebuild Gaza infrastructure and a prisoner swap. Israeli defence minister says the endgame is still to topple Hamas

What do the three players stand to gain from the Gaza ceasefire deal? (Ynet)
A wide-scale ceasefire arrangement between Israel and Hamas is the best option of all the alternatives Israel has to consider; All three players involved in the potential deal have something to gain in this scenario; For Israel—quiet on the border, Egypt will get the isolation of ISIS in the Sinai, while Hamas will get a form of legitimacy and a promise of economic aid.

Defence minister: Israel’s ‘endgame’ in Gaza is the toppling of Hamas (Times of Israel)
Liberman says goal is to entice Gazans with economic benefits; Bennett rejects any deal with terror group, but also rules out ground operation

Palestinian media: Israel closing northern Gaza border crossing (Times of Israel)
Israeli authorities reportedly tell Hamas they will close the Erez Crossing on Sunday, despite parallel reports of progress towards a ceasefire deal

Gaza cease-fire, prisoner swap and seaport: details of Israel-Hamas deal emerge (Haaretz)
A deal negotiated between Israel and Hamas via UN and Egyptian mediation, whose first stage went into effect on Wednesday, entails a commitment to rebuild the Gaza Strip's infrastructure and a prisoner swap to secure the release of Israeli civilians and soldiers' remains held by the Palestinian organisation

Abbas: No separate Palestinian state in Gaza (Ynet)
As Egypt mediates ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas, Palestinian president insists he will 'never accept the separation of Gaza from the West Bank' and says any humanitarian aid or financial support to Gaza must go through the Palestinian Authority.

How deep is Dahlan involved in Israel-Hamas talks? (Al-Monitor)
SHLOMI ELDAR According to some sources, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejects the Israel-Hamas truce deal over the involvement and mediation of his arch-enemy Mohammed Dahlan

Photo: People inspecting the rubble of a building following an Israeli air strike on Gaza City, on August 9 (AFP)

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