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IDF now an ideological battlefield, children latest victims

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Published: 16 August 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

In war over Israeli hearts and minds, army becomes ideological battlefield – Amos Harel & Gili Cohen – Haaretz 13.08.16
A new campaign castigating educational institutes that offer programs promoting pluralism in the IDF, and recent incendiary comments by religious and political figures, show that the army has become not only a legitimate field of battle but a strategic outpost to be captured.

And see:

‘Scandal' in Israel: IDF soldiers seen playing with children of refugees – Ravit Hecht – Haaretz 11.08.16
To the politicians and activists opposed to the refugees' presence, this was like giving aid and comfort to the enemy. As far as Ben Dahan, Ohana and many others are concerned, they’re probably not even included in the definition of “human beings,” because they’re not Jewish, and worse – they’re black.

Lieberman orders to cancel soldiers' volunteering with children of asylum seekers in Israel
– Gili Cohen – Haaretz 14.08.16
Defence minister says soldiers should engage in activities within the realm of public consensus, 'especially when in this case it involves activities with a population that isn’t residing here lawfully.' President Reuven Rivlin, who in the past awarded Elipelet a medal: ‘It is no sin for IDF soldiers to extend help to children of desperate refugees.’

Ban on soldiers volunteering with migrants hits hard in south Tel Aviv
– Eliyahu Kamisher – The Jerusalem Post 15.08.16
Bialik-Rogozin, a school of around 1,300 students from 1st to 12th grade, is a symbol of south Tel Aviv’s diversity. The school has informally hosted numerous IDF volunteers and was the subject of the 2010 Academy Award winning documentary Strangers No More.

Tel Aviv Deputy Mayor defends IDF soldiers for volunteering with migrants – Ilan Lior – Haaretz 16.08.16                        Asaf Zamir chides Lieberman and says asylum seekers 'not going anywhere', defending city's policy look after well-being of all residents. ‘All the politicians who come to the southern neighborhoods and promise the residents that all of them are just about to be expelled back to their countries or to third countries, or the moon, are pulling the wool over your eyes. They’re afraid to admit that they have failed to create an immigration policy, that they have failed in enforcing an immigration policy.’

Culture war as extremist Zionist-Orthodox rabbis try to shape Israeli army July 19, 2016


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