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Israel resuming pre-Oslo policy of vast de facto land confiscations

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Published: 19 March 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Group: Israel reinstating pre-Oslo policy of vast land confiscations – Ma’an News Agency 15.03.16
Peace Now says Israel has reinstated a policy of confiscating vast swathes of Palestinian land for settlement expansion in a trend not seen since the pre-Oslo period in the 1980s. The latest declaration applies to an area south of Jericho that is located deep in the West Bank, far beyond the Green Line and the separation barrier, and at the eastern edge of the corridor between Jerusalem and Jericho, Israeli control of which would split the West Bank in half and prevent the possibility of establishing a viable and contiguous Palestinian state.
See report and map here

And see:

Government declares 2342 dunams south of Jericho as state land – Peace Now -15.03.16
Army Radio has revealed that the declaration was made on 10 March, during US Vice-President Biden’s visit to Israel.

Methods of Confiscation
– Peace Now June 2009
Methods used by Israel in order to take over Palestinian lands

More settlement expansion
December 19, 2015

Settlers using security zones to expropriate Palestinian land
July 12, 2015


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