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Israel will face growing pressure over settlements

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Published: 10 November 2015

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Top Obama adviser: Israel to face growing pressure over settlements, peace process impasse - Barak Ravid - Haaretz 09.11.15
“For Israel, the more there is settlement construction, the more it undermines the ability to achieve … peace and the more Israel will only have to be defending its settlement policies in the years to come. That’s a reality. It is not something the U.S. or the international community has chosen to make an issue. It’s an issue because there are settlements being built in the West Bank. That’s not going to go away - that’s going to be an issue of international concern. There is no alternative that people can just forget this issue and say, ‘You know what, it is just going to work itself out.’ It is only going to get more difficult over time."
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At sensitive meet, Obama and Netanyahu carefully present themselves as allies – David Horowitz – The Times of Israel 09.11.15
PM needs to restore Israel’s bipartisan US legitimacy; Obama doesn’t want to alienate pro-Israel Democrats. And so the two made life easy for each other in joint White House presser

Obama: ‘If not now, Bibi, then when?’ - Jeffrey Goldberg - The Atlantic 09.11.15
There will be no permanent end of the conflict until Palestinians bring their understanding of Jewish history into line with reality. But: There will certainly be no progress toward a possible two-state solution - there will certainly be no chance that the Palestinian narrative will ever soften - if the settlement movement continues apace.


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