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Israeli cases spike at 3,000 a day, govt PR blitz to convince Israelis to vaccinate

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Published: 17 December 2020

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Vaccines for four million expected by March; Israelis test positive for corona in Dubai and enter quarantine; Shin Bet to scale back tracking of coronavirus patients

Israel thinks out of the box: how to convince the unwilling 50% to vaccinate (Haaretz)
The Health Ministry is preparing for a wide-scale PR campaign, including a partnership with Facebook and Google to tackle fake news

No coronavirus cabinet meeting planned as cases spike near 3,000 (Jerusalem Post)
The government agreed last week that if Israel surpassed 2,500 cases a day, restrictions would be tightened

Israelis test positive for corona, enter quarantine in Dubai (Jerusalem Post)
The Chabad community is doing its best to offer support on the ground

Israel said to expect enough vaccines for 4 million people by March (Times of Israel)
No other vaccine maker but Pfizer is likely to supply inoculations before April, TV report says; country set for fresh restrictions, including on travellers, as virus spikes

Oversized Chicago wedding divides Orthodox Jews, foils contact tracers (Times of Israel)
About 150 guests attended ceremony as 14.8% of COVID-19 tests in surrounding county were already positive. Now community leaders fear the event could end up shuttering schools

Israel to scale back Shin Bet tracking of coronavirus patients (Haaretz)
Beginning January 20, Shin Bet will only be permitted to monitor confirmed COVID-19 patients who refuse to take part in contact tracing or following a significant spike in infections

Photo: Refrigerators storing Pfizer's vaccine for COVID-19 in Teva's facilities in Shoham, December (Gil Cohen-Magen)

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