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Israeli Jewish and Arab education – separate and unequal

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Published: 12 July 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Israel to give Arab teacher trainees in Galilee half the budget of Jewish peers – Yarden Skop – Haaretz 07.07.16
Education Ministry cuts budget for Arabic-speaking teachers to be.  Even if the college has students who are studying the subjects for which demand is high, such as mathematics and science, the supplementary budget they receive for those students will be only 56 percent of their Jewish counterparts.
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And see:

NGO slams Education Ministry move to have fewer Arabs study to be teachers - Ariel Ben Solomon - The Jerusalem Post 08.07.16
There is a surplus of Arab Israeli teachers and a shortage of Jewish teachers, and one civil society leader proposes sending Arab teachers to Jewish schools. ‘In a democratic country it is not legitimate for parents to reject certain teachers in the public education system.’

Angered educators: Israel needs to learn how to help Arab teachers
– Yarden Skop – Haaretz 11.07.16
‘The options open to a Jew who graduates and an Arab aren’t equal’; possible solutions include hiring of Arab teachers in Jewish schools and broadening career choices.

Only 30% of Arab teachers able to find work, Education Ministry tells Knesset panel
- Lidar Gravé-Lazi – The Jerusalem Post 20.01.16

For Jews and Arabs, Israel’s school system remains separate and unequal
– Or Kashti – Haaretz 07.07.16
The cutting of funding for Arab teachers’ colleges is only the latest sign.


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