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Israeli liberals need more realistic priorities: first, defend democracy

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Published: 17 September 2018

Last updated: 4 March 2024

CARLO STRENGER The Israeli Left has persisted in pushing its agenda even in the face of continued failure. It’s time to rethink what liberals should stand for.

Days of atonement for Israeli liberals: Were we pushing Israel in the wrong direction? (Haaretz)
Jewish liberals need to rethink our positions: Israel’s peace camp has basically run out of arguments for its position, and is left with little argumentative power to get voters back. The Middle East is in a chaotic period of flux, and nobody can predict where it is headed.

We must recognise that Israel is in the throes of a culture war: The political right wants an illiberal democracy, some of the religious parties want a theocracy. And we liberals possess just one among several visions for Israel’s political and cultural identity.

Israel’s liberals must therefore regroup and rethink what we stand for. Our first priority must be to defend the last bastions of our country’s liberal democracy.

How an encounter between Jews and Palestinians underlines the promise and failures of Oslo (JTA)
RON KAMPEAS It was only this year, in June, that I’d seen the separation wall up close, and its hugeness was aggravating. I was part of a group of Jewish Americans who had come to Bethlehem with Encounter, an organisation that brings together Jewish Americans with Palestinians.

Photo: The Knesset (Reuters)

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