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Jewish opponents of Trump’s anti-refugee, anti-Muslim push

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Published: 31 January 2017

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Jewish advocates slam Trump for ‘ironic’ anti-refugee push in Holocaust Remembrance Week – Josh Nathan-Kazis – The Forward 25.01.16

What would've happened to millions of Jews if Trump's ban had been in place a century ago
– David B. Green – Haaretz 25.01.17
At least 2 million Jews who would never have found refuge in America.

I worked at a Syrian refugee camp. Here’s the horrid reality Trump’s ban would condemn them to
- Jacob Plitman - Haaretz 27.01.17
Refugees brave incredible risks to save themselves, and in the worst cases their situation resembles imprisonment for nothing other than their ethnicity, national origin or citizenship. As Jews we must take this personally.

It’s the ADL vs Donald Trump on Muslim immigration ban
– Jewish Business News 29.01.17

Holocaust survivors respond to Trump’s reported refugee ban with outrage, empathy
– Marisa Fox-Bevilacqua – Haaretz 27.01.17
While several survivors note the differences between the plight of Jews during the Holocaust and the countries on Trump's reported blacklist, the majority are more concerned about the human tragedy unfolding.

Haunting Twitter feed remembers Jewish refugees turned away by US
– Ben Sales – The Times of Israel 28.01.17
Project launched on Holocaust Remembrance Day recalls names, fates of Jews aboard MS St. Louis who were denied asylum in 1939.


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