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Jewish trans Mexican TikTok star who’s become a fashion icon

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Published: 20 July 2021

Last updated: 4 March 2024

I’d be lying if I said Hadassah Tirosh's Jewish-sounding name wasn’t the first thing that caught my attention — the second being her distinctive and unique laugh

I SPEND WAY too much time scrolling through the endless loop of viral challenges and 60-second dance videos on TikTok (don’t ask me why). It was during one of those daily scrolls that I came across Hadassah Tirosh’s page.

As I scrolled, I realised that Hadassah was not only Jewish, but also a Mexican-Israeli trans content creator. As a Mexican Jew myself, I was hooked and followed her immediately. In much of her early content — starting in December 2019 and posted under her previous name, David, who she remembers fondly and has taken the time to thank for helping her become the person she is today — Hadassah was seen wearing colorful kippahs and a Star of David necklace. She was generally proud and open about her Jewishness.

Since then, much has changed. Hadassah’s charismatic and unapologetic personality have helped grow her platform, amassing an impressive 2.2 million followers on TikTok and 144,000 followers on Instagram. She’s been featured in Elle Mexico as one of its Pride 2021 cover stars.

She has modelled for the Mexican fashion label Ocelote (a big deal considering that in 2020 she posted a “Vogue Challenge” video on TikTok claiming she wasn’t a model but would still give the challenge a shot).

And recently she was nominated for an MTV MIAW award — literally the “millennial awards,” given to the best of the internet by MTV Latin America.

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This article originally appeared on Alma

Photo: (@hadassahtirosh Instagram/Design by Emily Burack)

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