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Kyiv rabbi: ‘We’re stockpiling food, mattresses in synagogue’

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Published: 15 February 2022

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Chabad emissaries in Ukraine say they’ll stay with their communities; many Israelis refuse to leave; Israel will face grain supply challenge if Russia invades

Kyiv rabbi amid Russia tensions: ‘We’re stockpiling food, mattresses in synagogue’ (Times of Israel)
Chabad emissaries in Ukraine say they’ll stay with their communities, ‘like the captain of a ship,’ despite Israel urging all citizens to leave; Uman rabbi tells tourists to go

Should they stay or should they go? Israelis fear for family in Ukraine, but many refuse to leave (Haaretz)
With the winds of war in the air, Israelis tell Haaretz about their fear for the safety of their families in Ukraine, which range from anxiety to denial about the threat of Russian invasion

Israel will be directly affected if Russia escalates - Ukrainian Deputy FM (Jerusalem Post)
Ukraine is responsible for a large percentage of Israel's grain

Lapid says Ukraine asked Israel for assistance, 'must do everything' to prevent Russia fighting (Haaretz)
The foreign minister said he spoke with his Russian counterpart at the request of the US, but that Israeli mediation attempts 'were no different from other countries' attempts'

Photo: Ukrainians attend a rally in central Kyiv, February 12 (AP/Efrem Lukatsky)

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