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‘I left Iraq but Iraq never left me’

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cr: Tali Mayer

Published: 17 June 2017

Last updated: 4 March 2024

'I left Iraq but Iraq never left me': Jewish exiles finally begin to tell their story – Eetta Prince-Gibson – Haaretz 12.06.17
Sephardi Voices, an audio-visual documentary project, aims to retell the story of Jewish civilisation to include 'the richness of Sephardi Jews'

And see: One man's quest to save the Jewish Iraqi language – Jacky Hugi – Al-Monitor 31.03.17
Oded Amit, who was born in Baghdad and eventually fled to Israel, has taken it upon himself to teach Israelis of Iraqi immigrant families the language of their ancestors in order to preserve it.


Remembering the Farhud

More destruction of Iraq’s Jewish heritage


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