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The man who could have prevented ISIS

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Published: 3 January 2017

Last updated: 4 March 2024

The man who could have stopped the Islamic State – Brian Fishman - Foreign Policy 23.11.16
Almost 10 years ago, an al Qaeda emissary was sent to tell Abu Musab al-Zarqawi to tone down his terrorism. The journey, and its failure, gave birth to ISIS.

And see:

Elite US special operators build center for perpetual war on terror - Kimberly Dozier – The Daily Beast 29.11.16
Preparing for a multi-generational, international fight against terrorists, the Joint Special Operations Command, the US military’s premier counterterrorist strike force, is expanding its existing nerve centre at an undisclosed location in the Mideast to share targetting information between US agencies and foreign partners like Britain, France, Iraq, Jordan and, presumably, Israel.

Commandos without borders – Nick Turse – TomDispatch 18.12.16
In these last weeks of his presidency, president Obama, who has authorised many more successful liquidations of terrorist leaders than any previous president, has given the US Joint Special Operations Command new powers to ‘track, plan, and potentially launch attacks on terrorist cells around the globe’ and to do so ‘outside conventional conflict zones’ and via ‘a new multiagency intelligence and action force.’ 


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