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Netanyahu seeks to control all media

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks with Finance Minister Kahlon during the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem

Published: 8 November 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Can battle over public broadcasting bring down Netanyahu? – Ben Caspit – Al-Monitor 02.11.16
PM Benjamin Netanyahu is now fighting against the establishment of a new public broadcasting corporation, an entity he himself initiated.

And see:

Netanyahu faces hail of criticism after calling top journalist ‘left-wing extremist’ – The Times of Israel 08.11.16
After Ilana Dayan, one of the most respected journalists in Israel, airs investigative report on PM’s inner circle and his wife’s influence therein, PM lashes out at ‘vile lies’ designed to ‘bring down’ his government; Barak: He’s lost it. [See here for full text of Netanyahu’s amazing response.]

'I've taken care of the newspapers, TV is next': Netanyahu's plot to take over the media - Gidi Weitz & Nati Tucker – Haaretz 05.11.16
Since his first term, Netanyahu has railed against the 'leftist, monopolistic' media and insisted it must be diversified. A close review reveals an obsessive, paranoid prime minister whose real aim is full control over a weakened media – he aims to dismantle the new public broadcasting corporation, bring in one of his billionaire associates as a competitor to Channel 2, end Army Radio’s independence and batter Haaretz's English edition, which he thinks damages Israel’s foreign relations.


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