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Outcry over plan to increase number of gun owners in Israel

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Published: 23 August 2018

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Public Security Minister wants to ease restrictions on IDF veterans; activists call plan ‘dangerous’, women's groups warn over heightened risk of family violence

Activists, bereaved families rap loosened gun restrictions (Times of Israel)
Relatives of people killed due to gun misuse say plan to ease firearms restrictions 'dangerous,' while women's rights groups say it will increase domestic abuse deaths

Erdan's happy trigger finger (Ynet)
Sane countries—that are not the US—seek to disarm citizens, because a gun in the hands of an unskilled citizen could be dangerous both to him and his surroundings. But the public security minister wants us to be like America. Is that what we want?

Public security minister loosens gun laws for IDF veterans (Ynet)
Under reform, applicants who served in IDF combat roles and most officers will no longer need to prove necessity in order to receive a gun license; 'In an era of lone-wolf terror attacks, the more armed civilians there are, the larger the chances of disrupting an attack,' Erdan says
Erran Morad would approve: Israel's new gun policy makes satire a reality (Haaretz)
Sacha Baron Cohen's latest character would love Israel's public security minister, who's implementing a policy to drastically lower the bar to gun ownership

Photo: Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan firing at a shooting range (Facebook)

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