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As Palestinian prisoners refuse food for 20th day

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Hunger strike


Published: 6 May 2017

Last updated: 4 March 2024

The hunger strike launched by Palestinian prisoners and detainees on 17 April is a non-violent protest focussing on several valid, basic demands for improved prison conditions. Because the Palestinian inmates are held in facilities in Israel, in contravention of international law, Israel imposes severe restrictions on family visits, and many relatives are not permitted to visit at all. The Israel Prison Service also enforces a complete ban on telephone communications for inmates held on ‘security grounds’. The hunger strikers are demanding, first and foremost, more family visits and access to telephone communication with their relatives. They are also demanding an adequate level of medical and educational services and the cessation of administrative detention and solitary confinement.

Former Israeli prisons chief: freeing Barghouti likely outcome of peace deal – Yonah Jeremy Bob & Eliyahu Kamisher – The Jerusalem Post 03.05.17
Releasing many Palestinian security prisoners held in Israeli jails will be a necessary part of any future Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, according to Orit Adato, former commissioner of the Israel Prisons Service.

And see:

Israel said considering bringing foreign doctors to force feed hunger strikers – The Times of Israel 04.05.17
Although Israeli legislation allows for the forced feeding of prisoners, the Israeli Medical Association has barred its members from doing so.

Abbas versus Barghouti – round 2


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