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Panama dictator’s secret ties to Israel

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cr: AP

Published: 6 June 2017

Last updated: 4 March 2024


Former Panama dictator's secret ties to Israel – Ronen Bergman – Ynetnews 01.06.17
Manuel Noriega, who died on 29 May, had close ties to senior Mossad officials and the agency's special ops commander Mike Harari. For years, the despot aided many top-secret Israeli intelligence operations, which would not have gone ahead without his help. ‘In this kind of business, you can't be too picky about choosing your friends.’

The Mossad agent who was second fiddle to Panama's dictator
When US forces invaded Panama they sought to capture two men: dictator Manuel Noriega and his Israeli adviser, Mike Harari.


New phase in chequered history of Africa and Israel?
As Israel became more isolated after 1973, it started building security-based relationships with, and selling arms to, some of the most brutal regimes in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean.

New light on suspected South Atlantic nuclear test in 1979
37 years after a mysterious double flash was detected in the South Atlantic Ocean, newly declassified American documents suggest that Israel cooperated with the Apartheid regime.


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