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Ramadan confusion over virus lockdowns, Gaza boosts PPE output

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Published: 28 April 2020

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Sewing factories in the Strip are back to full capacity, producing masks, gloves and protective gowns, some of which are bound for Israel

Gaza factories roar back to life to make protective wear (ABC US)
Sewing factories in the Gaza Strip are back to working at full capacity for the first time in years, producing masks, gloves and protective gowns, some of which are bound for Israel

Celebrating Ramadan amid the coronavirus pandemic (Jerusalem Post)
Between checkpoints and coronavirus restrictions, Muslim residents of Jerusalem-area neighbourhoods are bracing for a socially-distanced Ramadan.

While Israel slowly opens up, Ramadan brings confusion and unease to Arab communities (Haaretz)
Local leaders urge compliance with tougher coronavirus restrictions for the Muslim holy month, while limitations in the country as a whole are being eased

Bedouin in remote Negev villages fend for themselves during COVID-19 pandemic (Haaretz)
The Israeli government has agreed to freeze home demolitions, but has provided minimal aid to a population with limited access to health care and information

Tux, gown, masks: Arab couples scramble to marry during a pandemic (NYT)
Undeterred by the coronavirus, couples across the Middle East are pressing ahead with scaled-back weddings. The authorities aren’t always thrilled

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