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Regrets? A few, says UK man who sent explosive Russia email to Trump

TJI Pick
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Published: 2 October 2018

Last updated: 4 March 2024

JAMES GOLDSTONE CALLS it “the most famous email in history”. True or not, the 137-word message he typed out on his iPhone and sent to Donald Trump Jr turned his life “upside down”.

As a consequence, Mr Goldstone, a former journalist-turned-publicist from a Jewish family in Manchester, has found himself at the centre of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US election, when voters brought Donald Trump to the White House.

This week sees the launch of Mr Goldstone’s new book, Pop Stars, Pageants and Presidents: How an Email Trumped My Life. “I wanted to tell my story in my own words,” he says. “I spent a year reading other people’s accounts of who I was, what I was, and how I was involved in Russia-gate.

“I thought the best way to do it — I’d been a journalist for many years — was to write it myself. And give the story context. The context which I felt had been lacking.”

The email that led to Goldstone’s notoriety was sent to organise a meeting at Trump Tower between three senior members of Trump’s presidential campaign and a group of Russians.

FULL STORY 'I sent Trump the most famous email in history. And I regret it' (Jewish Chronicle)

Photo: James Goldstone (Jewish Chronicle)

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