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Right wing shaping Israeli school curriculum

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Published: 2 January 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

By banning book, Israel maintains purity of blood – Alon Idan – Haaretz 31.12.15
Jews and Arabs are forbidden to have sex, love, marry, have families or live with one another, according to the Education Ministry.
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And see:
A pathetic, racist milestone on road of nationalist Indoctrination of Israeli children – Haaretz editorial 01.01.16
Even if the decision to ban 'Borderlife' from high schools is reversed, it won't be enough. Netanyahu's silence proves that his government is sending Israel into the abyss of darkness and racism.

Israeli authors, politicians blast move to ban novel on Arab-Jewish romance from schools – Haaretz 31.12.15
Will next move be to ban from school curriculum King David and King Saul, who married foreigners, and David’s ancestors, Boaz from Bethlehem and his wife Ruth the Moabite?

Principals, teachers decry banning of Arab-Jewish love story from schools – Haaretz 31.12.15
Fear overtaking reason, teachers association says. Yesh Atid chairman Ofer Shelah: ‘The Education Ministry’s argument for rejecting the book is much more outrageous than the decision itself. Out of the complex formulations arises a stench of an aloof worldview that borders on racism – the kind that has been turned in the past and present specifically against Jews.’ Coalition MKs and Yisrael Beiteinu refused to comment on the ban.

Bennett backs school ban on novel
about Jewish-Arab love affair – Haaretz 31.12.15
Education Ministry now says Dorit Rabinyan's book "Borderlife," which it has removed from the curriculum, can be taught in advanced literature classes.


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