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Thousands remember Rabin – but McCarthyist incitement is rife again

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Published: 8 November 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Tens of thousands remember Rabin in Tel Aviv; Herzog: no more talks over unity government – Ilan Lior – Haaretz 05.11.16
Opposition leader accuses Netanyahu of declaring war on democracy: ‘After 21 years, hatred rears its head, and incitement is here again. The hatred is the same hatred, the incitement is the same incitement, and the leader is the same leader.’ Livni: 'We have come here to prevent the next political murder.'

And see:

Israel's Joe McCarthy on a witch hunt, and Netanyahu keeps mum – Yossi Verter – Haaretz 06.11.16
Coalition whip David Bitan (Likud) says Rabin's assassination wasn't political and promises to expose 'leftists' on Facebook. All on behalf of his boss.

Netanyahu is leading Israel to its next political assassination
- Meirav Arlosoroff – Haaretz 07.11.16
[Meirav Arlosoroff is the granddaughter of Haim Arlosoroff, a socialist Zionist leader in Mapai and the Yishuv during the British Mandate. In 1933, after returning from a failed attempt to negotiate aliyah for Germany’s Jews, Arlosoroff was assassinated while walking with his wife on the beach in Tel Aviv. The murder has never been solved but followed vicious incitement against him in the newspaper of the right-wing Zionist Revisionist movement, which described him inter alia as a traitor, an internationalist agitator, a knife in the back of the Jewish nation.]

Rabin family warns of ongoing incitement
November 5, 2016
Rabin’s daughter Dalia warns that incitement against political adversaries continues in Israel.


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