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As Trump’s inauguration looms

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Published: 17 January 2017

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Failing to confront Trump's bigotry is moral stain on American Jews - Peter Beinart - The Forward 12.01.17
Rabbi Marvin Hier and the Simon Wiesenthal Center didn’t start overlooking bigotry when Trump launched his presidential campaign; he and his organisation have been doing so for a long time.

Neither Rabbi Marvin Hier, nor any rabbi, should bless Donald Trump at his inauguration
- Rabbi Dan Moskovitz – Haaretz 10.12.17
It is not an honour for Rabbi Hier or for Judaism to be associated with Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric or his inauguration. It is a disgrace.

Two US Jewish Congressmen join boycott of Trump's inauguration
– Amir Tibon – Haaretz 16.01.17
Rep. Steve Cohen and Rep. Jerry Nadler cite 'un-presidential remarks' and Trump's 'continued failure to address his conflicts of interest' as reasons for not attending. They join 40 other Democrats so far in an extraordinary act of protest.

One week before the American Republic inaugurates its destroyer
– Sasha Abramsky – Haaretz 15.01.17
Trumpism doesn't represent an ideological shift in US policy and government. It's a vast tilt toward irrationality, a hyper-power in the grip of a political nervous breakdown.


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