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Trying to break Breaking the Silence

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Published: 24 May 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Israel demands names of soldiers who blew whistle on Gaza ‘war crimes’ - Naomi Zeveloff – The Forward 22.05.16
Israel is trying to force a leading anti-occupation NGO to reveal the identities of the soldiers who testified to it about alleged military misconduct during the 2014 Gaza war — a move that the group says will effectively put it out of business. The BTS Gaza testimonies sparked enquiries that would probably not otherwise have occurred at all.
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And see:

Breaking Breaking the Silence’s silence – Gabriel Webber – The Times of Israel 23.05.16
If BTS sources are only happy to speak out under conditions of anonymity – following in the footsteps of Ploni Almoni and the author of the Book of Exodus – so be it. Israel wanted to be a state. Let it behave like one and take allegations of wrongdoing on the chin.

Ex Shin Bet head, ex IDF general defend Breaking the Silence
December 19, 2015

Don't advocate for Israel one more day, until you've done this
- Bradley Burston – Haaretz 05.05.15
Whatever your politics, you should know this: These soldiers and the people of Breaking the Silence are Israeli patriots. They are advocating for Israel.

This is How We Fought in Gaza

Soldiers testimonies and photographs from operation “Protective Edge” (2014)


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