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Ultra-Orthodox rebellion as hundreds of Israeli schools reopen – no fines imposed

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Published: 20 October 2020

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Revolt follows call from leading rabbi Kanievski to reopen yeshivahs; Netanyahu and virus czar bow to parallel pressure from Haredi MPs to let pre-schools open

Hundreds of Haredi schools in high-infection areas reopen in violation of rules (Times of Israel)
Widespread rebellion comes after top rabbi told boys’ classes to resume; three institutions fined; ministers call to defund defiant schools, while some ultra-Orthodox fume at Netanyahu

Countdown to the Chanukah Covid-19 closure began today (Jerusalem Post)
ANALYSIS: From four to one, Israel can countdown to the next lockdown.

After ultra-Orthodox Rebellion, Netanyahu looks weaker than ever (Haaretz)
ANSHEL PFEFFER: Holding an early election, when the entire Israeli public is witnessing how he’s being held hostage by a merciless ultra-Orthodox leadership, is now unthinkable

Report: three advisers to virus czar threaten to quit over opening of Haredi schools (Times of Israel)
Ronni Gamzu said to make great efforts to dissuade experts, while internally warning that illegal opening of Torah institutions could serve a crushing blow to public trust

'We won't send riot police': little enforcement as ultra-Orthodox open schools against Covid regulations (Haaretz)
Police argue that enforcement is difficult, but when Haaretz visited an ultra-Orthodox city, the police seemed to be largely absent


When Covid-19 rules are flouted by ultra-Orthodox Jews, it isn't anti-Semitism to call it out (NBC News)
JJ GOLDBERG: When the Jewish community says that it is, it obscures true anti-Semitism while providing leeway not to comply with restrictions needed to stop the spread of the virus

It’s totally irresponsible:’ How NYC Jews feel watching Borough Park unrest (Times of Israel)
Residents conflicted between fears of soaring coronavirus, rising anti-Semitism and anger at those publicly defying public health restrictions

Cartoon: Amos Biderman

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