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US Administration opposes BDS but distinguishes Israel from West Bank

TJI Pick
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Published: 27 February 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Signing law to defend Israel from boycott, Obama excludes settlements – The Times of Israel 25.02.16
US trade legislation features anti-BDS provision that relates to settlements, but president says this ‘conflation’ of Israel and the territories runs contrary to ‘longstanding bipartisan US policy’
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And see: Stop America’s military aid to Israel from subsidizing the settlements – Peter Beinart – Haaretz 24.02.16
A ‘modest proposal’ to at least provoke debate – ‘I support military assistance to Israel… But if Hamas and Hezbollah threaten Israeli security, so does the death of the two state solution… The administration’s new security package should require Israel to stop funding settlements, which are destroying the two-state solution… Merely by posing the question, the Obama administration would provoke a debate the Democratic Party badly needs to have.’


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