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US concerned about ‘NGO transparency bill’

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Published: 12 January 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Ambassador Shapiro tells Minister Shaked: US concerned by 'NGO transparency bill' – Barak Ravid – Haaretz 11.01.16
Ambassador makes it clear to the Justice Minister that, in contrast to her assertions, the bill has no similarity whatsoever to any legislation in the United States.
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And see:

Israeli NGO bill nothing like US law – Lara Friedman – The Times of Israel 12.01.16

Calling out the two liberals who can stop Israel's NGO bill – Uri Keidar – Haaretz 11.01.16
MKs Rachel Azaria and Roy Folkman worked at groups funded by the NIF. Have they checked their liberal, progressive values at the door of the Knesset?

The hypocrisy of claiming that foreign-funded NGOs hurt Israeli democracy
– J.J. Goldberg – The Forward 08.01.16
What the Israeli supporters of the NGO bill really mean is that they don’t like it when somebody criticizes the government’s decisions or tries to change its behavior. They seem to think that of the two parts of democracy - empowering the majority and protecting minorities - the first one always trumps the second. And they don’t like to hear otherwise.

A danger to Israeli democracy
January 5, 2016
[Part of this post identifies non-transparent foreign funding sources for right-wing NGO’s, such as NGO Monitor, that are campaigning in favour of the further legislation aimed at Israel’s human rights NGOs, but not at them.]

Israel’s human rights activists aren’t traitors
– Michael Sfard – The New York Times 05.01.16
Incitement against human rights defenders is part of a greater government assault on democratic freedoms.  “…When I claimed a few years ago, after yet another right-wing attack on Israeli human rights organisations, that we had reached ‘the bottom of the pit,’ my father gave me a knowing smile. ‘The pit is much deeper than you think’ he said.”

‘Bullet between the eyes’ for Israel’s reputation?
– December 29, 2015

NGO funding bill would weaken democracy, aid BDS
December 5, 2015


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