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Vaccine prevents 99% of deaths, says govt – but supply may be running out

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Published: 23 February 2021

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Israeli health officials hail Pfizer shots but warn that Pfizer deal, with two jabs, is enough to inoculate only five million people; vaccinated Israelis will get ‘green pass’ to visit bars

Vaccine prevents 98.9% of Covid deaths, Israel’s Health Ministry data shows (Times of Israel)
Officials hail ‘dramatically’ effective Pfizer shots; two weeks after second dose, vaccine also 99.2% protective against serious illness, reduces chance of hospitalization by 98.9%

Israeli supply of Pfizer vaccines reportedly coming to an end (Jerusalem Post)
According to a senior health fund official, the Pfizer deal was for 10 million vaccines - enough to inoculate five million people

Is Netanyahu offering COVID-19 vaccines in exchange for normalisation? (Jerusalem Post)
Israel may send vaccines to a country it does not have official ties wit

Covid: vaccinated Israelis to enjoy bars and hotels with ‘green pass’ (Guardian)
Mobile app inoculation certificate aims to help reopen economy, but privileges are untested and raise ethical questions

PA says Jerusalem to vaccinate 100k Palestinian workers; Israel: No decision yet (Times of Israel)
Clashing claims come after Israeli officials travel covertly to Ramallah, meet Palestinian counterparts to discuss cooperation on pandemic

Photo: A woman receives a Covid vaccination in Tel Aviv, as part of an initiative offering a free drink at a bar to residents getting the shot (Corinna Kern/Reuters)

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