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Wanted: A Palestinian leader like Anwar Sadat

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Published: 20 November 2017

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Forty years ago, the Egyptian leader took a big risk in visiting Jerusalem. Israelis are waiting for another leader like him, and Menachem Begin, to kickstart today’s stalemate

Israeli attitudes towards Egypt 40 years after Sadat’s visit (BesaCentre)
EFRAIM KARSH Forty years after Anwar Sadat’s historic visit to Jerusalem, most Israelis view the attendant Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty as conducive to Israel’s national security – yet they believe there are currently no leaders of Sadat’s and Menachem Begin’s stature on either side of the divide who are capable of effecting a similarly momentous breakthrough toward Israeli-Palestinian peace

Needed for Middle East peace: Another Anwar Sadat (Bloomberg)
ZEV CHAFETS The Donald Trump administration is busy putting together a “concrete blueprint” for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to the New York Times.

Blueprints are fine. So are good intentions, State Department position papers, CIA maps of disputed territory, economic inducements and diplomatic pressure. And it is not enough now. An essential ingredient is missing: A Palestinian leader who reminds Israelis of Anwar Sadat.

Zev Chafets was a senior aide to Menachem Begin and the founding managing editor of the Jerusalem Report magazine

Photo: Reuters

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