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Why is Netanyahu courting Zionist Union now?

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Published: 17 May 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

What's behind Netanyahu's pursuit of the Labor Party? Fear, loathing and a restive army – Aluf Benn – Haaretz 15.05.16
The Zionist Union's leader's motives are clear. But what has changed in Netanyahu’s assessment that is now pushing him into Herzog’s arms? Or, in other words, what is he afraid of? Four options come to mind.
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And see:

Herzog said to signal he’ll join government for ‘rare peace opportunity’ – The Times of Israel 15.05.16
Opposition leader, Netanyahu reportedly working on new coalition agreement that would scale back settlement construction. [A post that appeared briefly on Herzog’s Facebook page said his six conditions were: lowering the cost of living; involvement in policy decisions on offshore natural gas; authority to fight the international boycott of Israel; protecting the Supreme Court; repeal of legislation seen as racist; and negotiations with other countries in the region and implementation of Herzog’s plan to separate Israel and the Palestinian population.]

Netanyahu keeps calling for talks with Abbas. Is he serious?
– Ben Sales - Jewish Telegraphic Agency 16.05.16
For a leader often accused of not wanting to talk peace with the Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sure does a lot of talking about wanting to talk to the Palestinians. 

Netanyahu’s office denies Abbas offered secret talks – JTA/Raoul Wootliff – The Times of Israel 17.05.16
Netanyahu spokesman says ‘no truth whatsoever’ to claim Palestinians made 3 separate attempts to start closed-door negotiations but Gershon Baskin doubles down on his claim.


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