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Will Israel’s social justice plan be implemented?

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Published: 16 January 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

‘This shows it is possible to transform Israel into a just society": Ron Gerlitz on the Arab Economic Development Plan - Fathom, Autumn/2015
The Israeli government has approved an ambitious $3.85 billion plan for the social and employment development of Israel’s Arab citizens. Ron Gerlitz, the co-executive director of Sikkuy: the Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality [a New Israel Fund grantee], explains how and why the plan was passed and why it is an historic move that shows it is possible to transform Israel into a more just society.
Read his views here

And see:
How Bibi buried plan to develop Israeli Arab sector - Shlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor 11.01.16
Three days after its approval, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu killed an historic plan to invest in the Israeli-Arab sector by imposing three conditions that cannot be met.


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