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Women given the right to take Israel’s Jewish law exams

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Published: 3 July 2020

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Rabbinate refuses to administer the exams and threatens strike if forced to train women in rabbinic laws

In first, women will be able to take Israel's Jewish law exams (Haaretz)

The State of Israel announced last Thursday that it intends to allow women to take the Chief Rabbinate’s examinations in halakha, or Jewish religious law, but the exams will not be administered by the Rabbinate and it has yet to be determined which outside party will conduct the tests.
Women who pass the new exams still will not be able to serve as rabbis or rabbinical court judges. But otherwise, the civil service will treat the women’s exams the same way it treats the Rabbinate’s exams for men.

Rabbinate threatens strike if forced to train women in rabbinic laws (Times of Israel)
After AG tells High Court state will form parallel track to men-only ordination exams, Chief Rabbinate protests that it is not an ‘institute for higher education’

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