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Wong speaks with Palestinian PM to discuss recognition of statehood

The phone call comes as Australia prepares for tomorrow's general assembly vote to upgrade Palestine’s status to full UN member state.
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Foreign affairs minister Penny Wong meeting with family of hostages held by Hamas (Image: DFAT).

Published: 9 May 2024

Last updated: 9 May 2024

Foreign affairs minister Penny Wong has discussed the issue of Palestinian recognition and the push for a ceasefire in calls with the Palestinian prime minister and a minister from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It is understood Wong had a phone call this week with Mohammad Mustafa, the relatively new prime minister of the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority – a rival to Hamas that exercises limited self-rule in parts of the Israeli occupied West Bank.

Wong also had a phone call with Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed, the UAE foreign affairs minister.

Sources told the Guardian that in both calls, the discussion focused on the conflict in the Middle East, including Rafah, the release of hostages, and the prospects for a ceasefire agreement.

The discussions also covered the issue of Palestinian recognition, in line with signals from Wong last month that the issue was being considered by the international community. Australia is understood to be “engaging closely” with its partners, as it approaches the UN general assembly vote scheduled for tomorrow.

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) wrote to Wong ahead of the upcoming vote, warning “acts of mass terrorism” should not be rewarded.

The letter to the foreign minister, signed by ECAJ president Daniel Aghion and co-chief executives Peter Wertheim and Alex Ryvchin, argued that voting to admit Palestine as a full member to the UN without a functioning state was inconsistent with past practice.

“It would enshrine into legitimacy the present chaotic, fissiparous and dysfunctional nature of Palestinian political bodies and would thus make a two-state solution less achievable. It would not alter the realities on the ground... Instead, it would signal to the Palestinians (and the world) that acts of mass terrorism should be rewarded," ECAJ wrote.

“It is clear that a Palestinian state cannot be declared into existence. It must exist in fact. This requires the establishment of institutions which are performing all of the functions of a state on a sustainable basis."

Wong has previously said a “pathway out of the endless cycle of violence” in the region can only come with recognition of “a Palestinian state alongside the state of Israel”. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese remains tight-lipped on the looming UN vote.


Penny Wong and Palestinian PM discuss recognition of statehood and push for ceasefire (Guardian)

Executive Council of Australian Jewry issues major warning to Penny Wong on Palestine vote (News.com)


Israel Foreign Ministry: 'Recognizing a Palestinian state means rewarding Hamas for murder' (Jerusalem Post)
This video was published amid calls from leaders across Western countries for a two state solution, meaning recognizing a Palestinian state. 


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