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Arab-Jewish movement plans to guard Gaza aid convoys from right-wing looters

As right-wing activists continue to prevent aid trucks from reaching Gaza, Standing Together plans to form a buffer zone and hopes police will help maintain the peace.
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A damaged trailer truck that was carrying humanitarian aid supplies is pictured along the Israeli side of Israel’s controversial separation barrier with the West Bank near the village of Shekef on May 13, 2024, after it was vandalised by right-wing Israeli activists to protest against aid being sent to the Gaza Strip. (Photo by OREN ZIV/AFP via Getty Images)

Published: 20 May 2024

Last updated: 20 May 2024

A grassroots movement focused on an Arab-Jewish partnership plans to mobilise Israelis to quell the recent spate of attacks on trucks carrying humanitarian aid into Gaza perpetrated by right-wing settlers.

The group – Standing Together – is dedicated to "mobilising Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel in pursuit of peace, equality, and social and climate justice” and to changing prevailing attitudes towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

They plan to assemble a "Humanitarian Guard" at the Tarqumiya Border Crossing, where aid convoys prepare to enter Gaza from Israel. On Monday, Israeli right-wing activists looted one such convoy, ripping open bags of flours, smashing boxes of food and later setting fire to two trucks.

The Guard plans to use cars to form a buffer zone around the aid trucks as they travel towards Gaza. Around 100 Standing Together members have signed up to help.

Standing Together’s national co-director Rula Daooud stressed that they are hoping to avoid violent confrontation.

"Engaging with the settlers is not our goal," she said. "Instead, we not only want to call attention to what is happening at the border crossing, but we hope that our presence there will bring accountability to the police and the army."

The Guard will be a pilot for what Standing Together hopes will eventually be an ongoing program, following previous attempts to bring their own convoy of supplies to the Gazan border.

"Letting these violent fascists, the ones who dream of resettling Gaza, commit violence and act without impunity, only brings all of us to more death and violence. This is our opportunity to change that."


Arab-Jewish movement Standing Together plans to guard Gaza aid convoys from right-wing looters (Haaretz)


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Violent incidents against aid trucks making their way to Gaza continues to increase as protests calling to halt delivering aid to the Strip gain traction; Some soldiers are providing information on the trucks' routes.

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The first shipment of humanitarian aid has arrived in Gaza via a temporary floating pier, the US military has confirmed.

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