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Confronting Jewish terrorism

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Hilltop youth in a Facebook post at their Habaladim outpost

Published: 5 December 2015

Last updated: 4 March 2024

The difference between identifying Jewish terror suspects and putting them on trial - Amos Harel - Haaretz 03.12.15
Contrary to some unfounded speculation, Jewish terrorism is being confronted. Orders restricting extreme right-wing Jews now number more than 40. But there is a considerable difference between figuring out who was responsible and amassing sufficient evidence to secure convictions.  Jewish settler violence, particularly cases of Jewish terrorism, has been noted by the Israel Defence Forces and the Shin Bet as one of the main causes of the current outbreak of violence.
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In a Palestinian village, the smell of fire and fear remains – Haaretz 04.12.15
‘We adults always tended to say God willing there will be peace. But now we don’t see this as possible. We’ve lost faith. Every Palestinian, not just in Duma, feels injustice.’

Wild outpost reveals extremism of 'hilltop youth' – Ynetnews 04.12.15
The radical right-wing 'hilltop youth' have become in recent years a major headache for Israel's security forces, with their incitement against the authorities and their desire for revenge.

Despite arrests, West Bank arson case is far from solved – Haaretz 03.12.15
If the investigation fails, residents of the territories will perceive this as further proof that Israel does not value Palestinian lives, even when they're innocent terror victims


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