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Covid: Tel Aviv young look to leave; stranded Palestinians try to return

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Published: 16 June 2020

Last updated: 4 March 2024

As health official tells Knesset second wave had arrived, a lack of jobs hits under-35 Israelis hard, asylum-seekers also losing the jobs; PA says more than 6,000 Palestinians overseas waiting to come home

Top Health Ministry official tells Knesset: Second coronavirus wave already here (Times of Israel)
Professor Sigal Sadetzky warns COVID-19 spreading across the country, confounding ability to identify at-risk groups

Coronavirus threatens an exodus of Tel Aviv’s young (Haaretz)
Crisis-driven joblessness has hit the under-35s particularly hard, making the city’s high living costs no longer bearable

Palestinians stranded by coronavirus seek way home (Ynet)
PA says there are 6,000 Palestinians across the world who want to come back, but facilitating return is extremely complicated since all borders remain closed due to pandemic and Ramallah is unable to arrange special flights to bring its nationals back

Asylum-seekers in Israel face additional hardships over coronavirus (Al-Monitor)
EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON: Asylum-seekers in Israel are now losing their jobs and social security over the coronavirus outbreak

Rabbis rule entering places requiring temperature checks on Sabbath forbidden (Ynet)
Top ultra-Orthodox adjudicators claim function transgresses prohibition on work on the Sabbath, suggest hiring non-Jewish workers to conduct temperature check on weekends

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