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Dialogue, unity and power in numbers

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Published: 17 January 2017

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Jewish and Muslim sisters are doin' coexistence for themselves – Debra Nussbaum Cohen – Haaretz 12.12.16
Sisterhood of Salaam-Shalom conference attracts record crowd of women from two faiths working to build bridges, but Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains ‘elephant in the room'.

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How to build the resistance - Dahlia Scheindlin & Matthew Duss – Democracy 07.12.16
What can American progressives learn from the struggles of the Israeli left?

Empathy knows no bounds. Europe needs it most of all.
– Ilja Sichrovsky – Tablet Magazine 12.12.16
Jews and Muslims fighting Europe’s centuries-old hatred of everything that is different: dialogue, unity, power in numbers.

What is the 'Jewish Resistance'? Behind the movement of millennial Jews rallying against Trump
- Debra Nussbaum Cohen – Haaretz 13.01.17
Trump's election and appointments have galvanized young progressive Jews to join together in opposition, calling out president-elect and the Jewish establishment. 'Respectfully, it’s nonsense,' Abe Foxman says.


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