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Ex-Australian ambassador: Leifer case damaging ties with Israel

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Published: 22 October 2019

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Dave Sharma claims that the amount of time it is taking the Israeli justice system to decide on Leifer's extradition is causing friction between the two countries

Ex-envoy Dave Sharma: Leifer case damaging ties with Israel (Jerusalem Post)
Israel’s failure so far in extraditing alleged pedophile Malka Leifer to Australia is “doing damage to Israel’s reputation” and “increasingly becoming a point of contention and friction” in the Israel-Australia relationship, Australian MP David Sharma, a former ambassador to Jerusalem, told the Australian parliament.

Sharma, who served as Canberra’s ambassador from 2013 to 2017 and is considered a strong friend of Israel, addressed the case in a short speech to parliament on Thursday, where he said he wanted to talk about an “importance of issue of justice.”

Ex-Australian envoy says Israel’s failure to extradite Malka Leifer damages ties (Times of Israel)
Ambassador-turned-MP Dave Sharma tells parliament that 5-year-and-counting process to send alleged serial pedophile back to Melbourne increasingly becoming point of contention


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