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French conduct re burkini evokes Nazi humiliations of Jews

TJI Pick
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Orthodox Jewish women bathing

Published: 27 August 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

French burkini ban ‘is like Nazi humiliation’ claims leading rabbi – The Jewish Chronicle 26.08.16
Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence, rabbi of one of Britain’s largest congregations, has compared the French clampdown on burkinis to the humiliations inflicted by Nazis on Jews. He described as offensive and outrageous ‘the banning of religious and modest dress, the forced humiliation and undressing of religious women, the suggestion that Muslims are unwelcome on beaches, the abuse of legislation and police powers to intimidate the peaceful freedoms of religious individuals to come and go, to bask and bathe’.

Seriously, what Orthodox women wear to the beach is no different from a burkini
– Thea Glassman – The Forward 24.08.16
What difference exactly is there between the garb Orthodox Jewish women wear to the beach and the burkinis that some Muslim women wear? And why should one religious group of women be allowed to follow their traditions over another?

France’s top court suspends controversial burkini ban
– Aurelia End – The Times of Israel 26.08.16
Amnesty welcomes ruling by France’s highest court, the Conseil d'État, blasts ‘pretence that such measures protect rights of women’. Muslim group hails ‘victory for common sense’.

Fight Islamism intelligently and ban the burkini ban
– Gil Troy – The Jerusalem Post 24.08.16
Muslim women wearing the burkini convey an allegiance to their religion, a protected act in civilised democracies. If French officials fought Islamism and terrorism effectively they wouldn’t have to target Muslim religious practices, especially those like the burkini, which at least gets devout women out of the house and onto the beach… And there’s a point here where religious Jews and pious Muslims can agree.

Burqa bigotry - & the Aussie burkini
August 23, 2016


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