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Jerusalem – one city two capitals?

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Volunteers holding roses in Safra Square in Jerusalem on 05.06.16

Volunteers with roses in Safra Square in Jerusalem on 05.06.16

Published: 7 June 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Is it time to divide Jerusalem? - Naomi Chazan - The Times of Israel 06.06.16
From an official Israeli perspective, the notion of a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty is untouchable; from a Palestinian vantage point, the idea of self-determination without Jerusalem at its centre is inconceivable. Yet today there is more serious talk about changes in Jerusalem than perhaps anywhere else.

And see:

With flowers and Ju Jitsu, Jews and Arabs reclaim a troubled holiday in Jerusalem - Elhanan Miller – Haaretz 05.06.16
‘Every year, people from the outside come and ruin our city, leave, and we remain here to pick up the pieces.’

Jerusalem Day 2016 - Otzma Yehudit T-shirtsJerusalem Day 2016 – Otzma Yehudit/Jewish Power – ‘"There is no coexistence with them. Transfer now.’

Kahane was right Jerusalem Day 2016
Jerusalem Day 2016 – ‘Kahane was right’ Lehava "free the Temple Mount."

Netanyahu: yes to peace, no to dividing Jerusalem – Tovah Lazaroff – The Jerusalem Post 06.06.16
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged on Jerusalem Day not to divide Jerusalem in his pursuit of a two-state solution, as international community is hardening its stance with regard to a two-state solution based on the pre-1967 lines, with East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.

Are Israelis ready for compromise on Jerusalem? November 14, 2015

Jerusalem can and must be divided November 7, 2015


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