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Jewish millennials debate their Israel engagement

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Published: 8 March 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

American Jewish millennials aren't disengaged from Israel, we're angry - Simone Zimmerman – 29.02.16
We're not disengaging from Israel, in fact we're paying attention to what's happening in Israel - and we are angry. We need the Jewish community to stop wilfully blinding itself to the disastrous reality of holding millions of Palestinians under military occupation... Moreover, we need the community to stop policing and demonising those of us who say these truths in public and are fighting for change.
Read op-ed here

And see: Not all Jewish millennials are angry with Israel. Some of us are proud – Jason Langsner - Haaretz 03.03.16
Simone Zimmerman’s fiery op-ed assumes we Jewish millennials speak with one voice on Israel and 'the occupation.' But when she avoids speaking about Palestinian terror, and of Israel’s desire for peace, she doesn’t speak for me.


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