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Legalising Amona and other outposts could raise a black flag

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Published: 8 November 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

The blatantly illegal order of the 'regulation bill' – Yaron London – Ynetnews 06.11.16
A 'blatantly illegal order' does not apply only to soldiers, but also to any person given an order by superiors that 'pierces the eye and revolts the heart.' Therefore, if the law to legalise Amona and other such outposts passes, those entrusted with implementing it must disobey the order.

And see:

Israeli settlement Ariel expands onto suspected private Palestinian land – Yotam Berger – Haaretz 02.11.16
Sixteen buildings have gone up recently in an area not defined as state land. The Israeli Civil Administration says it is examining the issue.

Israeli settlers throw rocks, assault 3 Palestinian farmers picking olives
– Ma’an News Agency 05-06.11.16
Saturday’s events were the latest in a series of attacks on Palestinian farmers during this year’s olive harvest season, which began early last month, and has seen several incidents of attacks by Israeli settlers on Palestinian farmers and their lands in the occupied territory. [According to Haaretz, the Saturday attack involved 20 settler assailants and four members of the Palestinian family were injured.]

Amona relocation ‘legally & diplomatically problematic’; more calls for annexation
November 1, 2016

Re-mapping of ‘state land’ aids settlement project in West Bank
June 5, 2016


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