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Palestinians involved in terror could lose permanent residency status

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Published: 8 March 2018

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Under a new law, those living in East Jerusalem could lose residency. In another measure, a checkpoint was relocated in the West Bank to block access to a spring

Israel passes law allowing minister to revoke permanent residency status of Palestinians (Haaretz)
The Knesset passed a law Wednesday allowing the interior minister to revoke the permanent residency status of Palestinians living in East Jerusalem who engage in terror or other anti-Israel activities and any permanent residents involved in such acts. Under the law, the state can deport anyone whose residency status is withdrawn.

The government-sponsored law specifies three situations in which the interior minister can revoke permanent residency: If the status was granted under false pretences, if the resident endangered public safety or security, or if he betrays the State of Israel.

Moving West bank checkpoint to block Palestinians from spring is illegal, state admits in court (Haaretz)
Jerusalem District planner signed the permit to move the checkpoint as chairman of a committee she is not even a member of

Israeli soldiers filmed doing nothing as settlers attack Palestinians (Haaretz)
Settlers threw rocks at a Palestinian driving a tractor and later kicked him, sparking 'friction' between settlers and Palestinians in the area

Photo: A woman and a child walk in a street of the East Jerusalem refugee camp of Shuafat January 3 (Ammar Awad/Reuters)

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