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UK Labour branch rejects motion condemning Pittsburgh massacre

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Published: 9 November 2018

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Local activist ‘aghast’ after members said proposal focused too heavily on anti-Semitism. Activist attacks Labour youth for calling Israeli opposition leader Livni a ‘war criminal’

A DRAFT MOTION condemning the murder of 11 Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue was voted down in a branch of Britain’s Labour Party in a small constituency in the country’s north.

Steve Cooke, secretary of the Norton West branch in the Stockton North constituency of about 67,000 people near Scotland, submitted the motion for a vote following the October 27 shooting attack. When put to a vote, only two members backed the proposal and it was voted down last week, The Independent reported Saturday.

Cooke wrote on Facebook that he was “aghast” that the motion was voted down and that members claimed there was too much focus on “anti-Semitism this, anti-Semitism that.”

FULL STORY UK Labour Party branch votes down motion condemning Pittsburgh synagogue attack (Times of Israel)

A LABOUR ACTIVIST has condemned the party's youth wing's ”reactionary" response to a meeting with Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni, whom they branded a "war criminal".

Matt Pound, national organiser for the moderate Labour First, tweeted to defend his trip as part of a delegation that had a series of meetings, including one with Ms Livni and others with representatives from the West Bank and Gaza.

After Ms Livni tweeted a picture of her meeting "representatives of Young Labour", Young Labour tweeted: "As Israel’s foreign minister during the Gaza War, Tzipi Livni oversaw the massacre of 1,391 Palestinians...

"The individuals meeting this war criminal are in no way representative of Young Labour.”

FULL STORY Labour activist condemns Young Labour after group calls Israeli opposition leader 'war criminal' (Jewish Chronicle)

People from all faiths are forming protective ‘rings of peace’ around synagogues (Goodnews Network)

Hundreds of people from different faiths are standing in support of their Jewish neighbours by forming protective “rings of peace” around Toronto synagogues.

Photo: Tree of Life Synagogue, with memorials (NBC News)

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