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Palestinian youth rejecting Israel and the PA

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Published: 20 February 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Analysis: Palestinian youth rejecting Israel and the PA – Jihan Abdalla – The Jerusalem Post 18.02.16
‘This generation cannot see a better future for themselves and they want to create their own change … They act in a violent way in order to protest their conditions and in search of meaning in their lives.’ … ‘They refuse to accept the current status quo of living under Israeli occupation, and they reject the Palestinian Authority, which has not turned into a state the way it was meant to.’
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'Call me a terrorist, but I'm no different from Israeli troops defending their homeland' – Haaretz 19.02.16
Insights into the perspective of a Palestinian who spent 23 years in jail for killing an Israeli.

The hopelessness of Palestinian youth
November 14, 2015


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